About Manix Motors

Our Story

We're M/s. Manix Motor Gas, popularly known as MANIX MOTORS, a leading LPG and CNG kit systems fitting company for cars / four wheelers in Mumbai and Thane. We have the rare privilege of being Government of India approved for converting vehicles from petrol to LPG-CNG. Our workshops in Mumbai and Thane are also certified and approved by Government of India. We're the dealers for LANDI RENZO and ZAVOLI CNG-LPG KITS (Italy) for Mumbai region.

We're in CNG-LPG fitting business for the last 15 years and understand its nuts and bolts extremely well. We passionately perform the fitting jobs to perfection - every time. With a huge client base, we take pride in seamless execution and customer satisfaction.

LPG-CNG auto gas, apart from being easily available, is also very reasonably priced. So while you save the environment, you also save on your fuel bills, that too up to 50%-70%. Above all, to clear your doubts on the performance of your car, with LPG-CNG, the car runs much smoother with only negligible power loss. LPG-CNG is clean and pure form of fuel and cannot be adulterated. So the poisonous and the harmful gases that are otherwise emitted by the petrol driven cars are eliminated. It also has an anti-knocking power and is extremely efficient on mileage.

Over 50 million cars all over the world have already been converted to gas-LPG-CNG. Let's join hands together to make this world a better, safer, and cleaner place to live. Let's convert our cars to LPG-CNG, which is the need of the hour. Our planet desires clean and pollution free environment the most right now.

Save environment, save money!